I Love Pretty Photo Challenge Winners!

I Love Pretty Photo Challenge

20+ Top #ILovePretty Photos

Pretty Presets & Actions Photo Challenge

We are so excited to share these beautiful photos with you from our Pretty Presets and Actions photo community.  Below are our favorites from the shared images in the Pretty Presets community!  We want to thank everyone who submitted an image and congratulate all the photographers featured below.  We’re so grateful to be surrounded by so many talented and inspiring photographers.

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We have listed our winners and twenty honorable mentions below.  Thank you so much for joining us and please come back soon for another photo challenge.  We can’t wait to share it with you!  Be sure to follow us on Instagram as well for other opportunities to be featured.

If one of your images was featured, please be sure to grab a Photo Challenge Favorite Badge at the bottom of this post, showcasing that you were featured on our website (great for marketing to your clients)!

Brittany and Brenda, we’re so excited to extend a $100 gift card to each of you!  Congratulations!  Thank you both for inspiring us this week with your beautiful work.  Please email us at support@prettypresets.com to claim your gift card.

Thank you all for sharing your talent with us this month and making this photo challenge so much fun!

All of the gorgeous photos featured on this page were edited in Lightroom using Pretty Presets for Lightroom and/or Pretty Actions for Photoshop

Winning Images from the #ILovePretty Photo Challenge

Mother and Daughter love

I love this little girl who shows such courage despite difficult circumstances.

Captured by the talented Brittany Baldwin.  Edited with the Clean and Colorful Millennium Collection.

  I Love Photo Challenge Winner

“I love these people.  I met this beautiful soul in a bush village called Gomoko.  She was so tickled that I wanted to take her photo.  The kids in the background were encouraging her to smile (I think).  The people of the Central African Republic are some of the most lovely people in the world.”

Captured by the talented Brenda Artrip.  Edited with the Pretty Film Pastels Collection.

#ILovePretty Images We Fell in Love with AND You Can be Inspired By!

Here are our other favorite #ILovePretty photos we absolutely loved from the PRETTY community!  Enjoy these 20 additional photos as inspiration for your next photo session.

I love animals

I love kids with animals!

Captured by the talented Brandi Mueller.  Edited with Black Thorn from the Enchanted Garden Collection.

I Love My Kids

“It’s pretty obvious what I love in this pic… THE FLOWERS… no no no no, its obviously my kids that make me love this picture!”

Captured by the talented Kelly Gladwin.  Edited with Marrakesh I from Pretty Film Bohemian, Magic Sky Replace Actions from Vivid Skies, and PURE Color Workflow.

I Love Flower Bouquets

“I love summer bouquets from my momma!”

Captured by the talented Jenny Schmitz.  Edited with Romantica preset from the Pretty Film Pastels Collection.

Mother and Son Love

I love my grandson!

Captured by the talented Jennifer Laramore.  Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection and the Perfect Portrait Brushes.

I Love Senior Sessions

“I LOVE Senior sessions!  Seniors are always so much fun!”

Captured by the talented Ida Hill.  Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection.

I love landscape

I love when you find a scene that’s been in your head for a long time.

Captured by the talented Joni Eskridge.  Edited with a retired Pretty Presets Collection.

I love photo challenge

I love this edit!

Captured by the talented Ashley Bailey.  Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection.

I love little brothers

“I love little brothers!”

Captured by the talented Tammy Porter.  Edited with Au Natural from Clean and Colorful Millennium Collection. Enable Profile Corrections, Radial Filter with Shadows.

Beautiful Woman

I love doing individual portrait shots!

Captured by the talented Arista Marreiros.  Edited with South Beach preset from Light and Airy Millennium Collection.

I love finding branding style

I love that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried this branding/boudoir session.  Reverie really helped me highlight the light and gave me the rich tone I was looking for.”

Captured by the talented Nicole Bell.  Edited with Reverie preset from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection.

Cute Puppy

 “I LOVE my puppies!  Raising puppies sure keeps life interesting and fun.”

Captured by the talented Misty Delgado.  Edited with Pashmina from the Clean and Colorful Millennium Collection.

I love concerts

I love (and dearly miss!) attending and photographing concerts.

Captured by the talented Devin Browning.  Edited with Calypso preset from Pretty Film Bohemian.

I love red barns

“I love running errands today in the snow!”

Captured by the talented Francesca Streelman.  Edited with Crystal Springs from Clean and Colorful Millennium Collection.

I love sunsets

I love sunsets!

Captured by the talented Roxanne Venegas.  Edited with Dark and Moody Millennium Collection and Clean Edit Portrait Workflow.

I love photography

I LOVE just about everything about photography.  I really love learning new things and I’m especially fascinated with composites.  I’m not very good at it but I’m determined to figure it out.  Everything in this composite was taken in my yard over the last couple of days, even the mushroom, except the little girl.  I took her picture a couple of years ago.”

Captured by the talented Carol Omenson.  Edited with the Pretty Actions Fairyland Overlays and Actions Collection.

I Love Pretty

I love color and this preset was perfect for these shots.  Here are some photos from a recent street photography session with two best friends.

Captured by the talented Martha Crowther.  Edited with Pop Snap Crackle from Bomb Pop Collection.

I Love Sweets

“Today I felt creative and made some valentine cards!

Captured by the talented Mar Loes.  Edited with Clean Edit Portrait Workflow.

I love my kids

I absolutely love my kids eyes in this photo.

Captured by the talented Sandra McCloud.  Edited with Au Naturel from the Clean and Colorful Millennium Collection with hand edits in Photoshop.

I Love Birds

I love little birds busy at the feeders, storing up before the freeze.”

Captured by the talented Marsha Suzzane.  Edited with Baja Dunes preset from the Clean and Colorful Millennium Collection.

I love maternity sessions

“I love maternity sessions!  This was my very first one and I am obsessed with how they turned out!  Plus this momma to be is so stunning.”

Captured by the talented Victoria Steele.  Edited with Reverie from the Dark and Moody Millennium Collection and the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow.

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