How to Add All Friends to Facebook Group(Solved)

Facebook Group is a fun place to interact, share, Chat with all your Friends, Colleague etc. You can gather all your close friends and add them to a group instantly on Facebook Website, Android App. But you need to play a simple trick to select your friends & add all of them to one Facebook Group. Here in this article you will learn that trick & use it n-number of times and it still works

Facebook Groups follows strict privacy & security rules to stay away from other people on the internet. You even hide the Facebook group & choose to avoid disturbances.

Facebook Groups & Whatsapp Groups are similar in terms of privacy & Only the Admin has the access to add members & Exit them

How to add All Friends to Facebook Group:

How to add all friends to facebook group | one click add all friends to facebook groupHave you ever faced an issue while you thought of adding a huge number of friends to a single Facebook Group?

In general, you have to select individually (one at a time) from your Friends list & add to Facebook Friends

But you can use the below Method to simply add all your friends in one click

Method-One: Using Chrome Extension

You can add all Facebook Friends to a single Facebook group. using this Extension you can select as much 4000+ Facebook friends list. No need of Script or Code to use it. You just have to know how to use a chrome extension in a simple way. Follow these steps below

-> Firstly install “Multiple Tools for Facebook” on your Chrome Web browser

-> Now open your Facebook account and navigate to the newly created Facebook group

-> Click on Invite friends from the Facebook Group Dashboard

-> Then a Pop-up will be displayed on the Chrome Extension you just installed

-> Tap on it & wait for few minutes to complete the process

-> Once the process is done, you can find all your friends added to the group

Method-Two: Using Script code

It is a similar method to First one, but in the place of extension we use a small Script(Code) to execute the adding friends to the group

-> Logon to Facebook .com, use your credentials to access Facebook group

-> Navigate to Facebook Group dashboard, open console mode on your browse

-> You open it through Right-Click menu or click the F12 button on your Keyword

-> Click on “Console” tab on the top menu bar to view the empty text box

-> Now copy the whole script(Download the code from Below link) on to the empty text box with ctrl+v key

-> Then instantly the procedure will begin without any pop-up

-> That’s it you can quickly find all your friends in your Group

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