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No need to introduce Danish VIPP to you I guess, a welcome guest on vosgesparis over the last years. I had the pleasure to cook in their kitchens during a stay at two of their VIPP hotel locations. A beautiful black kitchen! Visiting Copenhagen during 3 days of design the store was high on my wishlist as I had heard I could see their new V3 kitchen there.

Designing this new V3 kitchen VIPP combined valuable knowhow from their first and original V1 kitchen in a visual expression that is both very compelling and innovative. V3 deviates from the industrial look of black powder-coated steel and ventures in a new direction. A fresh take with a light, aluminium-first appearance.


V3 a trendy aluminium kitchen

With Aluminium being a really trendy material in our interiors at the moment. Its lightweight nature and contemporary look make it ideal for modern living spaces. The latest kitchen design by VIPP is totally on trend and the next step in Vipp’s legacy of metalwork bringing a distinct character to its familiar modular design. The freestanding modules are wrapped in naturally anodized aluminium with vertically extruded profiles curving around the edges to bring a light elegance to the metallic appearance.

A Vipp kitchen is a modular concept, think of it as building blocks! There are four types of modules; island, narrow island, wall and tall. Each module can be built with predefined units of your choice. A full large dishwasher is available when choosing either the island module or wall module.
More info about the new V3 kitchen can be found here: V3 kitchen


Below some images I made at the Vipp Store in Copenhagen

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