Pinch furniture | 3 days of design favourite

Celebrating their 20th year, London based Pinch exhibited their latest collection, along with some of its most celebrated highlights from their core collection. Alongside the latest Mark Kenly Domino Tan collection in an inspirational setting at the beautiful MKDT store in Copenhagen

Just as I was totally impressed by Paul Augustin Rose in January in Paris: Pierre Augustin in Paris
This exhibition for the occasion of 3 days of Design, was easily my most favourite exhibition when visiting the festival last month!

Where Fashion meets Design

Both guided by the beauty found in simplicity, enduring functionality, style, and the allure of pure form I think Pinch London and MKDT Studio were the perfect match. The minute I stepped into the store at Store Strandstræde, I was captivated by the beauty of the furniture, the fashion items, the ladies in beautiful white garments and the old weathered floor. A beautiful mix of fashion and design in an almost poetic, quiet and inspiring environment.

Being 3 days of design and people walking in and out it was not an easy task to make some images with not to many people on it to give you the best impression of what I experienced. But I managed pretty well I think, for more info on the furniture and fashion pieces please visit the relevant brands mentioned in this post.

The Mercier Vitrine cabinet, here in full glass version for the exhibition

In love with their chairs in the most beautiful fabric

Every piece is brought to live by making the most beautiful sketches… I would hang this on my wall, and miniatures.


All images ©vosgesparis

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