Leclaireur Herold – A Paris must visit

It was not that I was not familiar with the Leclaireur stores, when in Paris I often visited the store in the Marais at Rue de Sévigné. But it was by accident when walking in Rue Herold, two men stepped out of an enormous door and I got a glimpse of a beautiful entrance… only to discover I was about to walk into one of leclaireur’s other boutique stores.

Founded more than 40 years ago by the visionary couple Martine and Armand Hadida , Leclaireur has established itself as an essential destination for fans of avant-garde aesthetics where fashion, design and art connect in a beautiful way. Through a cutting-edge selection of contemporary designers , the founding couple was able to capture the energy of the time, thus anticipating the revolutions to come in the world of fashion.



An eclectic, baroque and surrealist atmosphere

Like all boutiques boutiques rue Herold  is dedicated to the art of staging, seeking to offer each visit a unique experience through an eclectic, baroque and surrealist atmosphere. It was a real experience of contrasts between dark and light and it brought me back to the raw industrial and concrete I used in my home and styling some years ago combined with  beautiful fashion and Italian design pieces.



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