A new still life and candle by Mad et Len

Some time ago I changed a few things in my living. I took of the metal shelves and moved them to a corner near my kitchen which I previously used for coates. I really love the new layout in this corner and it gives me some more storage space, have a look here: An update from my home 

It was some time I was struggling with the shelves. Or they were almost empty or full with to many accessories. Still loving a good styling and nice still lifes, I moved my favorite accessories to the coffee table. It is so satisfying to walk past such a small still life every day… everything else went into a box I will have to sort out.

Metal candles by Mad et Len and soft colours

If you ask me what I really personally collect, it is the work by Mad et Len. I buy a new candle or lava box every year and have a small collection which I really love. A few of  them are on this table together with my latest buy from Paris, the candle which is a collaboration between Mad et Len and clothing brand Lemaire.

The candle has the most beautiful design and fragrance! The dark metal candles perfectly match with the Pierre Augustin Rose magazine and Dutch Harpers Bazaar with Kelly Wearstler on the cover. Both in my current favourite colours. They totally match my home! The small head I got from Rianne Landstra ArtWorks of which soon more! I really love these images, and as my blog is my personal archive of the things I really like and surround myself with, this is a good example of my taste.


Mad et Len store in Paris

All images ©vosgesparis

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