Our By Design Interiors’ Kitchen Design Process

A kitchen is one of the most important room within your home, thus its design needs to be both beautiful and function. Our team is breaking down the essentials for designing a kitchen of your dreams.

Let’s get started:

When we begin the kitchen design phase for your home, we hone into your personal needs and style. What does that look like, you ask?

Well, our designers start by getting to know you. We ask questions about your lifestyle, family dynamics, pets, daily routines, etc. in order to understand how you will truly live within the new space.

Some questions may include:

Do you love to cook? How often?

Do you have children?

What is your daily schedule or routines?

Do you sit down for family dinner? Or always on the go?

Do you entertain often?

The list goes on…

These questions help us when designing the ideal floorplan/ work zone for optimal function. As well as, giving us guidelines for selecting the right appliances, hard surfaces, and lighting for your space. This insures your new kitchen will fits both your needs and style. (It’s the #bestofbothworlds )

The Kitchen Design Process:

Kitchens come in all shapes, sizes, styles, etc. Here’s where to focus on first:

1. Function & Layout:

Our team can design the right size kitchen for you. It could consist of spacious work areas; such as double islands for maximum function, or an extra long island to create more seating for hosting. We break down what layout is best for you.

2. Materials:

This were where we look at the tile, flooring, and countertop selections for your home. Below are examples of kitchens with gorgeous tiles: including handmade zellige tiles from our Antiqued Elegance project, shimmer silver backsplash from Ashton’s Spring project, and organic raw-edge Roca tiles from Ayca’s Willowcreek home. Each tile selection brings some texture, shine, and interests to these spaces.

3. Design Style:

From transitional glam, industrial + organic, or artful contemporary — these kitchens fuse the design styles of our clients with function and beauty. Each has personal touches of lighting, high-end appliances, and a layout design that best fits their needs.

4. Add your personality:

At the end of the day, this kitchen is yours! It needs to represent your taste and fit your lifestyle. We work with you to design custom pieces such as the vent hood and cabinetry to fit your style. The color palette and hard surfaces then complete the overall design of your kitchen.

Whether you are wanting a spacious kitchen with an XL island…opt for textural backsplash with durable quartzite surfaces…Or prefer high-preforming appliances for optimal cooking experiences. We can discover the kitchen right for you!

We hope these spaces inspired you! Contact us HERE to get started on your very own dream kitchen.

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