A beautiful organic shaped bathtub by Agape

Those who read my Milan design week reports know that when in Brera, one of the first showrooms I visit is that of Agape. See a few posts about some amazing tiles I discovered here: Agape on vosgesparis There is not one year I did not fall in love with a certain tile or bathroom furniture. If you are in Milan it is a must visit. In Amsterdam you find some selected products at Grand & Johnson

When quickly having a look at Designpost in Cologne after visiting imm I saw a beautiful organic shaped bathtub by Agape, with an elegant bench aside. Designpost was fully packed and I did not had the space nor time , as I had to catch a train, to have a really good look. What I saw intrigued me though, and I will definitely take a closer look in Milan. Which is only 3 months away !

Bathtub DR

Bathtub DR is the first project in collaboration with Marcio Kogan and Studio MK27. DR is a flexible tub for two. To quote the designers, “The intention is to create a friendly, sensual and charismatic object. The smooth, flowing lines of DR offer great versatility. Take your place, and welcome!”. Made of bent wood outside and solid surface inside, with wall or floor mounted taps. A built in version is available.

Images ©vosgesparis / last two images by Agape

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