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The first ever press trip visiting an Interior & Design fair I was invited to, was at a trip to New York and the AD Home design show. A luxury NY design fair. Together with a lovely team of journalists and interior design bloggers we covered the fair and visited designers in the city. After a good 10 years of covering fairs I still love my job. Finding those special designers and the latest furniture trends in the maze of hundreds of stands at every fair. Is something I love covering on the blog. And I am always happy with your reactions and hearing you enjoy having those sneak peeks of the fairs I visit.

imm 2024

I was really curious to find out the more business-oriented approach of imm 2024. Focused on business, inspiration, networking and B2B interactions, a new imm 2024. Having to skip last year’s June edition, I was really happy to be back at the imm fairground. Being there at the opening day. I can only say I really enjoyed the new Trade fair format. It might be smaller than previous editions, the atmosphere was fantastic! There were plenty opportunities to network, follow different talks and seeing the latest collections of the different brands.


A day at imm 2024

At a previous blogpost I already gave you a sneak peek of what to expect at imm 2024: What to expect at imm Cologne 2024 | Germany’s biggest Interior Business Event Today I would love to give you an impression of what a day at imm 2024 looked like. Some more blog posts of brands I would love you to discover more about will follow in the coming weeks.

You will also find all pictures I made on my imm Pinterest board and an overview with more images of what my day looked like, including videos, in my imm 2024 Instagram highlight.


Design tour by imm

Together with a group of fellow media journalists, bloggers and content creators I followed a special design tour along seven different brands. First up was Variand furniture A furniture and wall shelving system that can be used everywhere in your home and changed easily to your needs. Thanks to the special design of the furniture and wall strips, the Variand shelves, wardrobes, pinboards, mirrors and much more can be quickly moved, arranged and expanded on the wall – just the way you like and suit you!

Once the wall strips have been installed, the Variand furniture can be hung on them quickly and easily. Thanks to the patented hanging mechanism, the furniture hangs firmly and securely on the wall and can still be moved or replaced at any time.


Variand furniture

Variand furniture


I introduced Artisan earlier on the blog after meeting them in Paris last January, read here : Artisan as seen in Paris  Artisan has its origins in a traditional wood workshop at Costovic in Bosnia and Herzegovina. More than 50 years of experience in working wood is visible in the current collections. Each and every one of them is timeless and authentic designs, a fusion between traditional work and the latest technologies with wood as a basis.




At Hübsch we met Design Responsible Lotte Knudsen who showed us some of the new pieces of the collection. Including a comfy upholstered chair and a lamp, I particularly liked for its design and dimmable function.

The Hübsch team consists of happy creatives, relationship builders, and merchants. Who uses the feedback of their findings to create joyful products that connect with their customers and spark joy… a word which in Danish is translated to Hübsch.




Really loved Belgian Casalis, together with its designers, they develop innovative textile products. Contemporary carpets, objects, and acoustic panels. Functionally as well as artistically, they meet the very highest standards. The rugs presented really ticked all boxes of my favourite colour scheme of the moment and I loved the different patterns.


Hollands Licht

At the stand of Dutch Hollands licht (Lights from the Netherlands) we met Dick Spierenburg, Artistic director of imm and designer for various brands.  He introduced Lamp Xio designed for Hollands licht to us.


Xio has a surface of 30x30cm on a slim leg and a cross on the floor. The surface is transparent and when switched on it lights up evenly, bringing clear and soft light into the space. The innovation in this luminaire is the narrow LED. The special pattern ensures that the frameless surface is evenly illuminated.  To add extra warmth to the luminaire optional covers, made from 3D printed fabric, are available in the same three colours as the metal parts.


Essem Design

Two Swedish friends of mine and the designer, captured on the shoe rack / bench of Swedish Essem Design The family owned company produces hall furniture since the 50ties in chrome, copper and lots of wood varieties. Beautiful also are the sculptured hooks in recycled aluminium which you can see here

BW – Bielefelder Werkstätten

Our last stop of the Design tour was at BW – Bielefelder Werkstätten Where we had a look at the different sofas and the new Nimbo chair by Lucie Koldova A chair characterized by Soft biomorphic shapes, and a design that symbolises comfort and soft upholstery.

Inspiration Circle’s

After the tour Nicky from My Scandinavian home and I also had a look at the different halls and events. First we visited the Inspiration circles: ‘Supernatural’ by Stefan and Elisabetta, a space that invites you to look up and dream away.

‘In Contrast’ by Igor and Claudia wants us to experience our homes with all our senses. It must have been fun to create the circles, I was lucky to experience myself a few years ago when I was asked to put my blog alive in a stand on imm.




Luiz Beds 

Pure area

Also this year it was the Pure area that appealed the most to me, and best fit my blog and you, the readers. At the Pure section exclusive brands in the high-end area present their authentic design, philosophy, workmanship and their signature styles.The Pure Talent contest is also an area I always love to visit, see this years winners here

There were a few brands that I thought would be interesting on the blog as they were new to me and also to you maybe, I will show those in a separate blogpost soon…. Meanwhile I will upload all images to my Pinterest to give you an impression of the fair, something you will also get a taste of  in my Instagram highlight: imm2024

Please note that atm there seems to be a bug in the Instagram highlights links when looking at them on your desktop…. So pick up your mobile to visit the right brands via the highlight. Instagram says it is working on it !

Written in collaboration with imm
All images by vosgesparis

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