3 Housecleaning Myths You Should Know

Most people can agree that a clean and organized home is much more enjoyable to live in than a disorganized one. Not only is it more “zen” to look around and see that everything’s in its right place, but it’s also healthier to live in. 

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Breathing in dust, or cooking and eating in an environment with old food scraps and bacteria can pose a serious health risk. Yet many people slack when it comes to cleaning their homes. They see it as a tedious and time-consuming task that they’d rather do without. Yet, keeping your home clean doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, not only can it be easy, but it can be something you actually enjoy. Here are some of the biggest house-cleaning myths you should know.

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Cleaning Takes Hours

If cleaning your house takes hours, that means that you’re letting things slide for days and weeks at a time. If you create a daily cleaning routine, you won’t have to clean for longer than 45 minutes. Rather than doing a deep clean, you’ll simply be performing maintenance which is much less time-consuming, and much less physically exerting. 

Dedicate a few minutes of your day to wiping down your surfaces, cleaning mirrors, and passing the vacuum quickly. This goes by much faster than you think when you do it every day or two. Since you haven’t let a lot of grime and dust accumulate, it’s a fairly simple job that hardly takes hours. The same goes for your kitchen.  By picking up after each meal, and washing dishes right after you eat, cleaning your kitchen will be a swift and speedy process.

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Cleaning Supplies are Expensive

Remember, cleaning supplies are marketed just like any other product. Marketers want you to believe that you need every spray and solution on the market when in reality, you only need a few basic things. You need a floor cleaning solution, glass cleaner, and bleach. For more serious jobs like cleaning your oven or stove, you may call for something stronger, however, you don’t necessarily need a separate product for each area of your house. You can fit everything you need to clean your entire house in one simple basket. No need to break the bank by buying every product on the market.

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Cleaning is Stressful

Cleaning doesn’t have to be stressful unless you allow it to be. In truth, usually, the people who find cleaning the most stressful are the people who have big families.  Instead of taking on the bulk on your own, get your family involved. Remember, the more you can give kids a sense of responsibility early on, the tidier they’ll be when they’re adults. Give them age-appropriate cleaning tasks to help lighten your load. Thanks to Cameo by Copeland Cleaners for consulting.

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