‘Light Letters’ an installation by Birgitta de Vos

The installation ‘Light Letters’ is a work in situ and exhibition in a 100 year old traditional machiya in Kanazawa, Japan. An encounter and co-creation, between a space and a material, washi paper. Invited by Nik van der Giesen and Nao Yasuta and, founders of Hitonoto Japan, Birgitta de Vos was the first artist, to work in situ and exhibit in this traditional building. A building that can adapt itself according to the needs of its visitors. And easily transform and reshape itself.

birgitta: “I lately see more and more small creative and inspiring communities and initiatives. Away from the high way and lime lights they live silently in harmony with each other and life. They shine such a bright light. These communities are the true stars of today, and tomorrow. They pop up all over the world, they are the real news.

Washi Paper

Washi paper is not only more than 1000 years old, it has evolved over time to meet the needs of each era. It is said these papers can last 1000 years.

Learn more about ‘Light Letters’ and the washi artists at Birgitta de Vos


Het bericht ‘Light Letters’ an installation by Birgitta de Vos verscheen eerst op vosgesparis.

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