An update from my home

Waiting for the images for my next few blog posts, I thought I give you a small update about what I am up to lately. After quitting my job as a social worker last month, I now have plenty of time to focus on some running projects and all those things I wanted to change at home.

The television in my living is still an object I am not really fond of  to have in sight all the time and with the small metal shelves a bit to much in the same corner. As I needed some extra storage for the everyday kitchen essentials and did not want to clutter the shelves next to my fireplace. The metal shelves found a new place and purpose and now beautiful show off my Merci collection and black plates I got a lot of questions on Instagram about the brand of the shelves, they are a few years old and from Menu, now called Audo cph Not sure if they are still part of the collection, but I sometimes still come across them online.

In the last few weeks I already started laying the rest of the planks in my hallway and kitchen. I really enjoyed the painted concrete floor, but the wooden planks I have in a part of my home already are just too good to not use and bring a lot more warmth and comfort to the space. Adding a few new planks I have a beautiful wooden floor soon throughout my whole home.

That said… How often do you start one project that leads you to the other? In my case bringing a dark floor in the kitchen I thought of changing the black wall as it might be a bit to much together with the floor and the dark cabinets and countertop. Many times I went back to black but I am in for a change and sure more projects will follow.  On my Instagram I regularly posted some of the floor images already and I will show more here on the blog too as soon as the floor and wall is finished.

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