17th century kitchens and Design in an Amsterdam Canal house

Last weekend I visited Glue Design festival, a four-day design-route from and for Amsterdam designers, the general public, architects, brands, showrooms, galleries, academies, and other people interested in Design. I already showed you one of the participants Grand&Johnson in my previous blogpost which you can see here: Grand & Johnson Design Studio and Atelier

An additional advantage of a design festival in Amsterdam is that you visit places you have not seen before and get the chance to discover all kinds of Hidden gems. One of the best was visiting the home to the Vrije Academie; the largest arts and cultural education organisation in the Netherlands. This listed canal house on the Herengracht has a rich history and authentic appearance. The property was thoroughly renovated and renamed Huis Vasari in 2021.


Authentic 17th-century kitchens

It was originally built in the 17th century to the design of Amsterdam architect Philips Vingboons, commissioned by Jacob Cromhout. The two joined properties were therefore known as the Cromhouthuizen. Jacob’s grandson commissioned then unknown painter Jacob de Wit (1695-1754) to decorate the residence. His ceiling paintings can still be seen in their original state, just like other original features such as the staircase – perhaps the finest staircase in Amsterdam – and the two authentic 17th-century kitchens.

The two old kitchen were the backdrop for two designers during Glue Amsterdam. In one we could admire the work of Studio Ro Smit, previously mentioned in my collaboration with Mosa: Mosa At Masterly Milano. In the second kitchen the work of Arian Brekveld for Royal Delft x Cor Unum could be seen. Some images in case you missed it, and more to find in my Glue 2023 Instagram highlight



Above and below the second kitchen and the work of Arian Brekveld, the stove had holes where copper pots were placed in. It reminded me of the ‘pompei like kitchen’ at Henry Timi earlier this year in Milan.


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