Table talks with Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is an internationally recognized and awarded American designer creating multi-faceted, experiential residential, hospitality, commercial and retail environments. Some of the most famous hotels are decorated by her interior design firm in the characteristic Kelly style. Through an exploration of materiality, color, shapes and an intuitive combination of contemporary and vintage, architectural and organic, graphic and instinctive, she curates a wealth of experiences in every space. believes that honoring history, location and architecture is imperative to pushing the boundaries and challenging the rules.

Recently she visited the Netherlands, where she went to the Moritz gallery finding unique pieces for her projects, and Amsterdam where she stayed at Hotel de L’ Europe in The Harper’s Bazaar suite, curated by Dutch editor-in-chief, Miluska van ‘t Lam. The suite is the embodiment of the magazine and is the perfect lifestyle retreat for those with a discerning eye and infallible taste. Born and raised in Amsterdam and loving my city, I had a kind of girl fan moment seeing Kelly on the balcony looking over the Amstel River and I can’t wait to read the interview in this month’s issue.


Setting the table with Kelly Wearstler

Recently she launched her first-ever comprehensive tabletop collection with Belgian Serax.
Kelly: ” This tabletop collection, my team and I designed, allowed us to delve into rich tapestry of materials, shapes, and finishes, truly immersing ourselves in the dining experience. Every piece in the collection holds its own distinct charm and serves a purpose on the table. They’re designed to seamlessly blend and complement one another, creating a dynamic interplay of elements” A few selected pieces of the collection will be available in my vosgesparis online store soon


In a refined nod to ancient Greek pottery, the Dune family’s two-tone finishes of matte and high gloss ceramics enhance the sculptural crests and ridges that variegate the dishes and platters. Taking an unexpected turn, the corrugated motif is repeated across glassware and flatware in differing
forms to yield diverse yet holistic place settings.




I especially fell in love with the marble accessories of the Dune Collection, a selection will soon be available in my webshop.


Rich, dimensional patterns and unexpected color pairings are signatures to the Kelly Wearstler design vernacular and can be found in the Zuma collection, where we see futuristic 3D vector grids and ancient glassware motifs. For the porcelain dinnerware, Wearstler stripped down a digital graphic pattern to
convey a hand painted feel, creating the perfect balance between tech and hand-craft. The patterns vary throughout the range and are intended to be mixed and matched across colors and shapes – in classic Wearstler fashion.


Video’s images and product text by Serax

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