The New Purple iPhone 14 Pro Leaked, Here Ya Go!

We have a great look at the iPhone 14 Pro’s new purple color by a Weibo user, shared by DuanRui on Twitter, let’s take a look!

In the video, our Chinese friends show off the lovely, snazzy, royal purple color in broad daylight – you can see how it reflects light similar to the new Midnight color on the M2 MacBook Air:

Wow, the purple color really pops! Here’s hoping this video is legit. I want to clarify that they’re showing off a dummy unit, but it’s good enough to give us a real-world look at the new color; and I want to add that this leak isn’t totally verified, however the dummy unit looks legit enough to me!

This account, DuanRui, has also shared another Weibo post showing more dummy unit colors:

As a reminder, take everything with a grain of salt

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