A multi-sensory apartment installation⁠ by H+O | Milan design week 2022

Born out of creativity and a longtime collaboration between Elisa Ossino, an architect and designer born in Sicily and trained at Politecnico in Milan. And Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, the designer and creative director of File Under Pop in Copenhagen. H+O is a multidisciplinary company focusing on tiles, surface design, interiors and exhibition installations.

Their vision is to explore new ways of contemporary living using artistic forms of expressions and integrating ceramic tiles in the creation of furniture, objects and surfaces. The two designers approach the field of interior and design with a strong definition of contrast and sensuality, drama and poetry.

I already visited one of their exhibitions earlier in 2019 during Milan design week and this year they are back, together with Ark Magazine and Kinfolk, showing their tiles collection at the Milan hotspot together with selected partners and artists.

Tiles inspiration by H+ O

In my opinion tiles in general were a real trend during MDW, and I will be showing you some more tiles inspiration on the blog in the coming weeks. H + O created a beautiful world in the apartment at via Solferino and I especially loved how they used the ‘Mattone’ tiles creating a panelled wall at the entrance. When talking with one of the guys, he showed us some beautiful doors made with the same tiles at their private space. Places like this bring me so much joy and inspiration for my own home.

H+O Apartment Gallery 2022

The interiors created by Elisa Ossino Studio and the surface design by File Under Pop, aims to balance the complexity of living with volumes, textures, and materials, setting up a heterogeneous yet defined “whole” to experience our environment and discover poetic connections. This year’s H+O Apartment Gallery was made in collaboration with Atelier Areti, Dux, H+O, Karakter, Tubes, V-ZUG and many more.

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