Windows 7 Launcher Apk for Android Free Download

Windows 7 can be Experienced on Andriod Phone with the Windows 7 Launcher Apk Online. Using this simple software you get to convert access the Windows Computer Desktop view on Android mobile. The Windows 7 Apk is downloadable at the End of this guide, and to install perfect the software perfectly read the complete guide

Get Windows 7 Launcher for Android Free Download

Windows 7 Launcher apk Android | Windows 7 Launcher for Android Phone

Windows 7 Operating system is most widely used on PC, for its flexibility, super-smooth functionality, Fast-Processing of software tasks Etc. And It is strange to find the Windows 7 OS on Mobile earlier.

But now you can run windows 7 launcher to install the apps and get an exactly similar view of Windows Operating system

Windows 7 Launcher for Android Version Features:

Windows 7 Launcher apk Android | Windows Launcher for Android Phone

1) Layout Similar to Windows Operating system: This Windows 7 launcher creates the exact overview of the Windows Desktop, but in the limited screen size

2) Use Different Windows Wallpaper: similar to Windows on PC, you can have a feature to apply different Wallpapers on screen

3) Default Apps: Get default apps like Calculator, Maps, Clock, Gmail, Music, Contacts, Messages, Internet Explorer Etc to support the regular usage of files.

4) My computer panel: Computer app is available to manage the storage and files, just like file manager in Smartphone

5) Access Virtual Drives: You can check out the default Virtual drives creates on My Computer after installing the application

6) Windows Menu Options: You can access the basic functionality options like Control Panel, My Storage, Alarm Clock Etc

7) Control Panel Access: Get smart while handling the apps on windows on Android using the control panel

8)Ad-free Windows Launcher for Android: It is just like another android launcher,  but it has no advertising features involved in it

9) Smooth Program Functionality: Experience a Smooth flow of all programs & apps inside the windows launcher

Windows 7 Launcher Apk Details:

Quick to install and no extra setup: Since the Windows 7 Launcher has a limitation on android phone, it includes few files & it takes a few seconds to install on smartphone

Requires very less resources: The apk (setup file) allocates a very small amount of space in internal storage & RAM.

Compatible with All Android smartphones: this Windows 7 launcher is developed to access on all android mobiles besides the different Brand manufacturers: Samsung, Redmi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo Etc

Portable: Download the Windows 7 Launcher Apk and save for future use, Hence The apk is portable on any device like a smartphone or PC,

Minimum Technical Requirements for Windows Launcher:

Android Version 4.0 And Up

File Size: 6.8MB


Storage Required: 1GB + based on apps installed

How to download Windows 7 Launcher Apk for Android?

Click on the link provided at the end of this Article and Windows 7 Launcher file will be downloaded on your mobile within a few seconds.

How to install Windows 7 Launcher Apk:

Once you get the Windows 7 Launcher on Android, Navigate to Downloaded Folder. Click on apk file to begin the installation

Windows launcher installation setup begins, give access to storage space and other basic settings with ‘Next’

Follow other steps to finish the Windows 7 launcher installation on Android Phone, it takes less than 5 seconds

Windows 7 launcher for android phone | windows Launcher for Android

Now, change to Windows 7 Launcher from default android Version, then start experiencing the windows installed on mobile just like PC

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