How to View Hidden Email Address on Facebook

Finding Friend’s email address on Facebook is now tough ever since the security Levels increased to protect the Credentials of Facebook Profiles. Earlier, privacy was not that strict, As a user, you were able to check out the Email address & Mobile Number. The security level is tightened-up since then and every profile has an option to lock the profile which ultimately hides the email address from other profiles

Facebook is a largely used Social Networking platform with billions of users. Besides its latest Features, it has included more security options for the individual Facebook Profile. You can hide public info from being visible to others on Facebook even if they logged in. Here in this guide, I will explain you the detailed process to check out your Friend’s Email Address on Facebook

Facebook has no direct option to see the hidden email address, Hence you need to go for other possible options to unveil the email id of any Facebook profile.

How to View Hidden Email Address on Facebook

How to View Hidden Email Address on Facebook | View Hidden Mail on facebook | Find Facebook Friends Mail Address

Sync contacts to Get Email Address

Create Yahoo Mail Account

You can see your Facebook Friend’s email Address using a quick trick via contact book feature on Yahoo mail Account, Lets check out the process:

-> Log on to Yahoo mail official Website and create a new account for the process

-> Once the Account is created, open the Yahoo Mail Dashboard and navigate to Address Book

-> Open the Address Book and click the ‘Sync’

-> Then you will be notified with Empty Contact book, Here you have to import the contacts

->Available Contacts Import options include Gmail, outlook mail, file upload & Facebook, Go to -> Facebook & Tap ‘Import’

-> The Facebook Login page will pop-up on your screen, enter your credential to open your Facebook profile

-> Click on ‘Done’, Within a few minutes all your Facebook friends contacts details including email address will be imported

Finally, your Facebook Friend’s Email Address is available now with a simple trick

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