4 Tips for Keeping Your Energy Bill Down

 In case you missed the memo, energy costs are at an all-time high. Most families claim that their highest monthly expense after groceries is their energy bill. However, as high as the prices may be, for many people sacrificing your comfort simply isn’t an option during hotter months when you need to rely on heat air conditioning. Here are some practical tips to keep your energy bill down, yet also stay comfortable.

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Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

When was the last time you looked at the energy rating on your appliances? If it’s anything below a “B,” then chances are it’s probably time to upgrade. Energy efficient appliances can significantly reduce your energy consumption and also do your part to contribute to a greener planet. Look for products that have that Energy Star label which means it’s in compliance with the energy efficiency guidelines set by the United States. Although these appliances often cost a little more, they’re well worth it when you look at your energy bill at the end of the year.

used with permission from Massucco Warner

Insulate Your Home

One of the biggest causes of high energy bills is heat loss during the cold months.  As all that cold air creeps in through the cracks and unsealed doors and windows, your heater is working overtime.  

Make sure that you check your home for any drafts around windows and other openings. Rely on caulking or weather stripping to seal these leaks to keep your home as warm as possible. You should also consider doing the same to your attic and basement. This will significantly lighten your energy bill.

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Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Many families are turning to smart thermostats as a way to save substantially on their energy bills. These devices allow you to automate your home’s temperature and also control them from wherever you are. That means you never have to worry about forgetting to turn your heater off or air conditioner off again. 

It’s as simple as setting a timer based on your daily activities, and your smart thermostat will do the rest.  Some of these systems even have motion sensors built in so that the temperature automatically adjusts depending on whether someone is in the room or not!

used with permission from Massucco Warner

Keep Blinds Closed

Whether it’s summer or winter, relying on your blinds to keep the cold or heat out is a great low-cost solution. This is particularly important for summer when the sun is blazing through the windows and creating a greenhouse effect throughout your home. In addition to keeping your blinds closed in extreme weather, you should also consider installing normal curtains. These can significantly impact the temperature of your home and are a lot cheaper than relying on your HVAC system. Thanks to Around The Clock for consulting.

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