A women-led studio supporting Amazigh artisans – Studio Sana Benzaitar

In the heart of Marrakech, Studio Sana Benzaitar stands as a testament to the rich heritage of Moroccan craftsmanship, particularly in the realm of rug weaving. Founded by Sana, a native of Marrakech and daughter of a renowned rug dealer, the studio is committed to preserving traditional techniques while infusing contemporary designs with warmth and luxury. From neutral tones for minimalist interiors to vibrant abstract designs, each rug is a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation.

Sana’s journey into the rug industry was a natural progression, influenced by her upbringing amidst Moroccan artisans and her academic pursuits in Business and Energy and Environment. She found herself drawn back to her roots, inspired by the artisans she encountered, ultimately embarking on this venture alongside them.

An all female team of weavers

The studio’s all-female team of weavers hails from the Amazigh region, bringing a wealth of inherited knowledge and technical skill to each meticulously crafted rug. Situated in Gueliz, Marrakech, the recently renovated minimalist showroom serves as a canvas for Sana’s designs, which are often co-created with her clients, reflecting the rich culture and crafts of Morocco.
Working closely with local families, Sana ensures that each rug is made with the finest Sheep’s wool, dyed using traditional vegetable dyes—a practice that is rapidly disappearing in modern Morocco. By championing these age-old techniques, Sana not only preserves the cultural heritage but also empowers the women weavers, providing them with a platform to express their creativity and receive the recognition and compensation they deserve.

The studio’s location in the Mrirt region, known for its tight weaving and durability, further emphasizes its commitment to authenticity and excellence. Here, on traditional looms nestled amidst the Middle Atlas Mountains, each rug is painstakingly crafted, with every knot contributing to its unique story.

Sana Benzaitar Showroom

The showroom itself is a work of art, with rugs displayed as saddles in an artistic installation called the ‘SELLERIE.’ This unique presentation underscores the studio’s innovative approach to showcasing Moroccan carpets. Despite operating in a male-dominated industry, Sana has blazed a trail as one of the few female Moroccan entrepreneurs in the rug business.

Her drive and vision have not only challenged traditional gender roles but also garnered respect and admiration from weavers, peers, and clients alike. In a world where tradition often meets modernity, Studio Sana Benzaitar stands as a beacon of craftswomanship, weaving together the past and the present to create timeless pieces that tell stories of culture, heritage, and empowerment.

Images courtesy Sana Benzaitar 

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