The K-House – Kacper Niezabitowski x Inge Lagae for KĀNA objects

The K-House is a proposal for the interior of a new-built residential project on the Lago Maggiore in the North of Italy. The project is a collaboration between Kacper Niezabitowski, a young Polish architect, and Inge Lagae, a Belgian interior designer and furniture designer for KĀNA objects.  A brand I previously showed you here : Where elegance meets robustness

The aim of the project was the design of a contemporary pavilion, built with natural materials such as limeplaster facades. A beautiful architecture project by Inge Lagae and kacper Niezabitowski, all furniture is designed by Inge Lagae for Kana Editions.

The artwork is proposed by the artist-painter Alexandra Yan Wong and all textile in vintage hemp by the artist Isabelle Yamamoto. They have a common love for noble organic and rough materials, such as European hand-brushed smoked and natural oak, natural stone, silver oak, lime,vintage hemp, and rough linen.


The K-House

The K House boasts a U-shaped design featuring a grand entrance hall leading to the bedrooms on one side and an open kitchen and living area on the other. The impressive Labyrinth cabinet, designed to showcase books and art objects, adorns one wall of the entrance hall in a modular format.

Maximizing space and natural light, the U-shaped layout includes ceiling-high sliding doors in solid oak that seamlessly merge private and communal areas. Bedrooms embrace minimalism with organic elements bridging indoor and outdoor spaces. Natural motifs like tree trunks shape the corridor between the dining room and entrance hall.

Combining hand-brushed wooden furniture with sleek, high-quality materials, the interior exudes warmth against the minimalist architecture. A tranquil Japanese garden and patio surround the pavilion, creating a serene atmosphere.

The custom-made kitchen, crafted from rough smoked oak and concealed behind sliding doors, seamlessly integrates into the living space for cooking, dining, entertaining, and relaxation. The lounge offers a peaceful retreat with a bookshelf and fireplace, featuring Japanese-inspired elements like cozy benches, Hiku tea tables, and vintage hemp zabutons for a zen ambiance.


Images via Inge Lagae and kacper Niezabitowski with thanks

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