FAINA Gallery in Antwerp Unveils Vibrant New Interior

FAINA Gallery, residence of live Ukrainian design, finds home in a 500-year-old historic building in the centre of Antwerp. The collection housed at FAINA Gallery displays a selection of furniture, decor and lighting as well as other one-of-a-kind designs by founder, Victoria Yakusha. A story-book of live Ukrainian design, each object — an encounter with the spirit of Ukraine.

The live design philosophy is also reflected in the monochrome, textured interior of the gallery designed by Yakusha studio and Victoria herself — creating a universe for the philosophy. And who better than Victoria herself can explain all about this amazing gallery space!


The first hall, conceived around FAINA’s signature colour — zilla (ukrainian for herbal potion). The walls, hand-painted, breathe with a palette of mossy, pastel greens — embodiment of Mother Nature. The second hall, charcoal-black – symbolic of dark Ukrainian soil. Both — representative of humankind’s innate connection to nature, core themes of Ukrainian folklore and FAINA’s live design.

Each year, FAINA Gallery hosts open events, collaborative gatherings and temporary design installations. Aligning with cycles of nature, FAINA presents bi-annual Winter and Summer Solstice reveals of new designs and collections on days of natural renewal.


A Vibrant New Interior by YAKUSHA Studio

YAKUSHA, a multidisciplinary studio founded by Ukrainian architect and designer Victoria
Yakusha, proudly unveils its latest interior design project at the FAINA Gallery in Antwerp. At
the heart of Yakusha’s ethos lies the concept of “live design,” an approach that is as unique as
it is engaging. Rooted in archetypal forms, Ukrainian traditional crafts, and sustainable
materials, the studio has crafted a minimalist yet vibrant design language that defines their
work. With a keen eye for timeless architecture and interior design infused with modern
elements, Victoria Yakusha and her team continue to make their mark.


A central feature of the interior design is the artful combination of textures. The juxtaposition of
the old-world ceiling against the futuristic cabinet, the smoothness of fabric harmoniously
coexisting with the textured surfaces of objects crafted from ZTISTA (FAINA’s signature
sustainable material).

These elements blend seamlessly into a cohesive and captivating whole.
Victoria Yakusha, reflecting on her design philosophy, states, “Contrast is one of my favorite
design principles. Contrasting scales – large and small, textures – metal and clay, and
approaches – modern and historical. It is in the union of these contrasts that I discover true
harmony. The space appears as if the objects have always belonged there.”

The gallery’s walls have been adorned with a soothing neutral beige hue, enveloping the space
in warmth and providing a versatile backdrop for the display of objects and photographic
works. In Victoria Yakusha’s own words, “In these uncertain times, there’s a yearning for color
and warmth. This is why I made the decision to transform the interior. I believe the introduction
of this new beige shade imparts a sense of comfort and vitality to the gallery.”

Achieving the desired texture and tone required a specialized multilayered and multi-colored
painting technique, often necessitating up to 12 layers for perfection.


SLUHACH lighting collection

A fresh addition to the gallery is the SLUHACH lighting collection, a fusion of unexpected
materials, rich textures, and five distinct shapes. Five designs, resembling sensory devices, are
the “listeners” attuned to the world around them, capable of hearing the unspoken. Today,
these luminous “creatures” grace the gallery with their presence.

FAINA extends a heartfelt invitation to explore the depths of design by engaging with
preserved ancestral techniques, customs, and primal materials. In an era of transformation and<
uncertainty, the FAINA Gallery serves as a sanctuary of creativity, a testament to the enduring
spirit of design innovation.

Visit FAINA Gallery: Keizerstraat 28, Antwerp, Belgium
Appointment required: T: +32 470 12 64 90 / gallery@yakusha.design

Photographer Tijs Vervecken.

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