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It has only been a week or two since I changed my flip flops for my boots and we still have some amazing warm days in the Netherlands… but you can feel and see in nature Autumn is on its way. When approaching the last few months of the year it can only mean one thing! The largest Dutch Christmas market at Intratuin will open its doors again.

At around 30,000m², Intratuin Duiven’s Christmas market is about five times bigger than The White House.

Many Dutch people consider Intratuin as their local garden center where they buy plants and the address for all seasonal holiday products. The largest Christmas show in Europe takes place every year in one of the company’s largest stores: Christmas World in Intratuin Duiven!  And this is where my blog partner Cutr comes into the picture again



Cutr is a marketplace that connects designers and creators with woodworkers. As a woodwork manufacturing service, Cutr helps get your products designed, built and delivered. Providing design support, prototyping, and serial productions next to very flexible payment terms. They help you find the best price, lead time and quality and match you with one of their network partners based on your production needs. As a marketplace for woodwork, Cutr helps customers find the perfect manufacturer.

At the beginning of the summer, and my partnership with Cutr, I already told you the story of Robert Coleby and The Teardrop chair, which he designed in collaboration with Cutr.



Streamlining Store Design with Cutr

Today I would like to share the story of Robbert-jan, Instore Experience Designer at Intratuin.
Robbert-jan of Instore Experience Nederland needed help building a facade for a Christmas village street in the garden center, and he turned to Cutr after discovering them on LinkedIn.

He was particularly impressed by the swift pricing, with Cutr providing a quote within 1 business day, rather than the weeks that it took most other suppliers.

Cutr helped Intratuin with material selection by providing suggestions and advice on material choices to reduce costs and enhance the project’s overall efficiency. Handled transportation between the production partner and the client. Next to the rapid pricing and delivery the projects could move forward at record speed.

Robbert-jan rates his experience of working with Cutr at a solid 5/5. He notes that the partnership has streamlined his projects while simultaneously elevating their overall quality. Thanks to its promise of continuous improvement, Cutr has become an indispensable ally for Robbert-jan and Instore Experience Nederland as they continue to transform Intratuin garden centers into remarkable destinations.

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