5 Crucial Tasks To Get Your Home Ready For Fall

Cozy Interior Updates:

Nothing can make the onset of cold weather more pleasant then fall decorating. Add warmth and comfort to your home’s interior by changing out lightweight summer decor for cozier fall items. Consider adding softer, thicker blankets, decorative pillows in faux furs, velvets, and chunky yarns, and warm-colored accents. You can also adjust your lighting to create a cozy ambiance with warmer tones. Warm-tone lightbulbs can create a candlelight-like atmosphere. I even flip a rug over to the higher-pile side once colder weather sets in.

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Weatherproof Your Doors and Windows:

Seal (caulk or insulate) any gaps or cracks around doors and windows to stifle drafts and heat loss. Use weatherstripping or caulk to fill gaps, and consider even consider adding draft stoppers at the bottom of doors. This helps keep your home warm, reduces heating bills, and is better for the planet. Search for other places in your home that could be leaking cold air. We had a light switch plate by our sliding glass door that was leaking cold air!

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Inspect and Clean Your Gutters

Falling leaves in red and yellow may be pretty on the trees and ground, but these beauties can quickly clog your gutters and downspouts. Overflowing gutters can cause water damage and potential structural issues (just look in the corner of my office ceiling). Clean out all leaves and other grit and make sure they are in good working order and sturdy. Even better? Consider installing gutter guards to reduce future maintenance.

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Service Your Heating System and Fireplace

Before the cold weather sets in, have your heating system professionally serviced, or service it yourself if you perform your own maintenance. This includes cleaning or replacing filters, checking for any potential issues, and ensuring it’s running efficiently. A well-maintained system will keep your home warm, save on energy costs, and the hassle of dealing with inconvenient repairs.

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Fall Yard Cleanup

Rake leaves, trim bushes, and prepare your garden for winter. I like to leave any stalks or stems with seeds to dry and provide food for the birds. Then I prune them in the Spring prior to any new growth taking over. If you prune in the fall, remember to prune bushes before any freezes or else frozen water can split branches. Clean and store or cover outdoor furniture, equipment, or statuary. Drain and store garden hoses to prevent freezing and splitting. These tasks help maintain the curb appeal of your home and prevent potential damage.

Preparing your home for the fall using these five steps will ensure your home is comfortable, energy-efficient, and well-maintained during the fall season and into the winter.

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