Buying and renovating properties in Italy

Dreaming of a home in the sun and staying in Sardinia again this Summer. I can’t help to imagine how the homes I come across would look without the typical decor. Add to that my youtube addiction where I watch countless videos of home seekers in the south of Europe and the renovations of houses and castles.

Most homes at the small seaside village in Sardinia date back from the seventies or later, these are often second homes, as most people live in the village on the other side of the mountain where we find much older homes. Near the harbour you find some older homes and during an evening walk I came across a fence with an overgrown garden and a glimpse of an immaculate facade that must once have been pink, I showed it here on my Instagram. I could only imagine how the outside stairs would led to a terrace with seaview. It could easily be one of the homes you see on you tube, many future homeowners also seek in Puglia. And this is where Danish Vipp opened another of their hotel facilities.

Villa Vipp Puglia

Looking at the interior design of the latest Hotel Vipp accommodation: Villa Vipp Puglia. This home could have been anywhere in Scandinavia with its grey concrete floors and monochrome appearance. The villa is located in the middle of nature. The outside of the villa is in a beautiful sand color and the outside area overlooks a beautiful piece of nature.

The one-story family guesthouse echoes Puglia’s whitewashed building typology punctuating the scenic landscape. Studiotoff has managed to erect a modern retreat with respect to the architectural vernacular in a protected historic area. Three double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a combined living area and kitchen outline the interior.

Rural simplicity

With the alchemy required to make a guest feel at home, Studiotoff and Vipp have conjured up a haven for the discerning, design-minded guest. A curated furniture selection in harmony with what surrounds it is juxtaposed by objects that add to that rural, simplistic charm of the countryside.

“While the surroundings ooze of Italy’s old charm, the interior is resolutely Danish. A warm minimalism that doesn’t scream for attention but conveys a subtle sophisticated experience”, notes Kasper Egelund (vipp).

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