iPhone 15 Pro Could Be EVEN MORE Expensive

Well, here it is! Your yearly rumor/report/random doomsaying “leak” that the next iPhone will be more expensive. Let’s talk about this one, because there’s some logic to it.

According to a post on the Chinese blogging site, Weibo, via an unverified source – Apple is planning on increasing the price of the iPhone 15 Pro line (translated to English):

Apple will raise the price of this year’s iPhone 15 Pro series, further widen the gap with the iPhone 15 Plus, and leave enough market space. At the same time, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are expected to be equipped with Dynamic Island and 48-megapixel main cameras as standard…

科技之窗 on Weibo

Weibo rumor about iPhone 15 Pro price increase.

The rumor didn’t give any actual numbers for the increase; however, if there’s any truth to it we could expect an increase of around $100, based on past pricing.

That would take the current pricing of the iPhone 14 Pro, $999, above $1,000 USD. This would mark the first time that both high-end iPhone models start at over $1,000.

There is some general logic to this rumor. From what we’ve seen, Apple is planning on a handful of changes to the iPhone 15 line – and with major changes comes price increases. I wouldn’t be surprised if the price increases affect the iPhone 15 base model as well, due to the entire line coming standard with the Dynamic Island.

That decision would go against previous reports of Apple’s concerns about the base model iPhone 14 selling like a burnt piece of toast, though. In my opinion, the only way Apple can sell more base model iPhones is by dropping the price.

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