Sony Unveils DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

Sony Interactive Entertainment introduced The DualSense Edge wireless controller for PlayStation 5 is designed to give you an edge in gaming with customizable controls and the ability to customize your gamepad to suit your play style.

Main features of DualSense Edge:

  • Customizable controls. You can make your DualSense Edge wireless controller unique by remapping or disabling certain buttons, changing stick and trigger sensitivity and deadzones to suit your preferences. For example, you can reduce trigger travel for faster input in competitive first-person games, or reduce deadzone for more throttle control in racing games.
  • Ability to save profiles. Once you’ve found the best settings, you can save them as a profile so you can quickly switch between them in the future.
  • A dedicated Fn button makes it easy to adjust settings without taking your eyes off the game. With it, you can quickly switch between profiles, adjust the volume balance between the game and voice chat, access profile settings, and so on.
  • Interchangeable stick covers and buttons on the back. Sony will offer three types of interchangeable stick covers so you can find the one that suits you best. There will also be two sets of interchangeable buttons located on the rear panel that can be customized to any action.
  • Replaceable stick modules. DualSense Edge allows you to completely replace the stick module on the controller, which increases the durability of the device. Stick modules will be sold separately.
  • Like the regular DualSense, the new controller supports haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone, gyroscope, and more.

The DualSense Edge will come with interchangeable stick covers, a set of buttons for the back panel, a storage and carrying case, and a braided USB-C cable with a special lock that prevents the cable from being disconnected from the connector during the game.

Sony promises to share more details about the DualSense Edge in the coming months. The start date of sales and the cost of the device are not yet known.

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