iOS 16 Finished Development, Release Date Secured Per Report

In Mr. Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter we get some very insightful insight regarding the release of iOS 16 plus some very keen analysis of Apple’s September event announcement!

In a very much needed breeze of good news for Apple, Gurman tells us that Apple’s engineers for iOS 16 wrapped development last week:

The iOS 16.0 update, which Apple engineers finished work on this past week, is due to launch in September alongside watchOS 9. Those updates will correspond with the new hardware.

Mark Gurman

Fantastic! This gives the iOS 16 team even more time to focus on bug fixes and cleaning up after the mess caused by software development, like a frat party. This is all lining up nicely for the big event in September, which is all but confirmed by Apple for the 7th; Mark lends his thinkin’ brain to that as well:

The company is planning to announce the iPhone 14 at an event on Sept. 7. It would be the earliest iPhone launch since 2016 and be followed by the new device going on sale Sept. 16—about a week ahead of last year’s schedule.

Mark Gurman

Early is right. The last time Apple announced an iPhone launch this early was the iPhone 7 in 2016, but the logic is sound. This announcement and actual release timetable would give Apple an extra week of sales to fit into their quarterly report, which wouldn’t hurt.

Alongside iOS 16 and iPhone 14 we’re also getting watchOS 9 and Apple Watch Series 8, though we’re still missing Tim Cook’s seal of approval for those two. On the other hand we still have an October event to look forward to – with the busted-a** iPadOS Stage Manager and some other goodies

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