5 Things To Do When The AC Unit Freezes Up

The air conditioning unit works on a delicate balance. If it has frozen up inside, it might be because of the failure of the different components inside the unit. If you are wondering what to do when your AC unit freezes up, you can get the matter fixed, and it won’t even take much time.

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However, unfreezing an HVAC system will need you to follow specific steps.

1. Turn the Unit Off and Switch On the Fan

If you encounter freezing up of the AC unit, immediately turn it off. If the ice build-up is not too severe, turn on the blower without the auto setting. Let the unit defrost naturally over the course of time or maybe days. Do not start using the AC compressor before the defrosting process is complete.

2. Do the Inspection

The AC unit features multiple interconnecting parts, all of which impact the machine’s efficiency. Because the unit cannot dispense the air out of the system, the blower can cause the motor to freeze up. If the blower is not functioning correctly, the air circulation will not be proper.

The evaporator chamber operates with warm air, so there is no rapid condensation. The chamber requires some heat to maintain the temperature of the unit. The cold refrigerant can cause the freezing of any moisture in the evaporator chamber.

The inspection will include looking at the blower motor to see if there are any burnt components. Replacing these components is essential, along with a functioning control board.

3. Clean Up the Ducts

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Some preventive maintenance is vital if you want to know what to do when your ac unit freezes up. One of these is to open the dampers in the supply ducts. They should be open in the most used rooms and the less frequented house areas. The ducts and vents in the HVAC system should not have any obstructions. The airflow is restricted if any blockage is placed in front of the vents. The dust accumulated over time can also cause freezing up of the AC unit to maintain proper airflow.

4. Clean Up and Replace the Air Filters

Cleaning the vents and ducts is essential, but cleaning up air filters cannot be neglected. Air return filters might be blocked with dust, ice, and other impurities. So, the first approach should be to clean them and see how they block airflow to the vents. If the filters have been functioning for a long time, replace them to maintain proper circulation.

5. Unclog the Condensate Line and Drain

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The condensate line is related to the outdoor drain pipe and should not have any blockage. The condensate pipe often attracts dirt and debris with the build-up in the coils. The condensate line to the drain should be free of any jam and should drip out water consistently.

If the water is not consistent, it might be because of frosting. If there is no blockage in the pipe, the pump might be causing the problem. In such a case, the pump must be checked for proper defrosting.


If the AC unit is freezing up, the best approach is to look at different system components for the source of the issue. Cleaning up vents, ducts, and filters is essential to remove restrictions on airflow.

A little warm air is vital to keep the evaporator functioning well. The pipes, pump, motor, and coils should be properly working so that the unit does not freeze up in the future.

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