An industrial basement with Terraformae tiles at Alcova 2024

At the basement of villa Bagatti Valsecchi Terraformæ showed a project by Sant’Anselmo furnace, dedicated to experimentation, design, and research in the field of terracotta. It was a beautiful space with an old cooker and a great fireplace.


Terraformae is born as an extension of the historic Sant’Anselmo brickworks, world-renowned for the production of terracotta. Terraformæ represents the natural result of the company’s approach of accepting every challenge, constantly exploring and redefining the limits of terracotta.

Terraformae products are the result of their first collaborations with designers and architects who joined them in this early research and experimentation.


Split by Bongiana Architectura

I really loved the tiles designed by Bongiana Architettura Split enhances an element normally minimised: the joint. Split tiles are marked by a groove, dividing the surface into two sections. Once laid, the groove is filled with a coloured grout and becomes part of a drawing. Available in two versions, giving an archaic or elegant appearance.


Image above via Terraformae

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