Beginner’s Guide To Perspex Sheets

Perspex sheets have a huge variety of uses, due to their durability, flexibility and cost efficiency. Also known as plexiglass or acrylic glass, perspex sheets are stronger than glass but still maintain crystal-clear opacity. Here’s a simple guide to perspex sheets …

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What Are Perspex Sheets?

A popular commodity in the plastics trade, perspex sheets are an adaptable product for both commercial and private use. Acrylic is a type of plastic that is durable, light and impact-resistant. Made by synthesising methyl methacrylate — a clear liquid. Perspex sheets, also called plexiglass or acrylic sheets, are sold in a variety of dimensions, thicknesses and tints. 

They can be coloured, frosted, non-glare or reflective — as in the acrylic mirrored varieties such as these shiny versions  from Plastic Warehouse: 

Four Different Types of Perspex Sheets

Perspex sheets come in lots of different variations, perfect for all kinds of adaptations for spaces in the home, office or commercial enterprises such as retail. 

used with permission from Andrea West Design

Heat-Stop Acrylic/Perspex Sheets
These sheets have a special heat-protective coating, so while you still get light transmission, they bounce off a good proportion of solar heat.
Best for roofing projects and skylights

Mirror Acrylic/Perspex Sheets
Crafted with a reflective backing layer to create a shiny surface like a mirror, these sheets come in a few different metallic tints: silver, gold and rose gold.
Best for: Decorative windows or studio/gym/shop display walls

used with permission from Andrea West Design

Coloured Acrylic/Perspex Sheets
Tinted any colour of the rainbow, but maintaining translucence, these brightly coloured plastic sheets come in a variety of cuts and thicknesses.
Best for: Arts and Crafts, Signage and Lighting

UV-Resistant Acrylic Sheets
These specially-made sheets have light-resistant and UV-protectant properties. They have beautiful optical clarity, letting through approximately 95% of light, and are highly resistant to impact too.
Best for: Displaying and protecting artworks 

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September 10, 2022

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used with permission from Andrea West Design

Perspex Sheets: A Clear Favourite
The advantages of utilising perspex sheets in a variety of different projects are perfectly clear. Perspex sheets are flexible, durable and highly resistant to impact. They come in a variety of colours, finishes and thicknesses, and they can be transformed into UV-resistant or heat-protectant versions. All this combined with the fact that perspex sheets are light and easy to machine and shape, makes them the ideal solution for countless projects. Click to find the best perspex sheets near me Thanks to Plastic Warehouse for consulting.

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