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When I saw a glimpse of one of the suites at Maana Kiyomizu I was immediately curious to see more and find out about Maana Homes. Maana Kiyomizu is one of the three projects, part of Maana Homes and born out of the owners’ dream to bridge the gap between a warm sense of home and high quality hospitality experiences.

The word Maana means ‘senses’, an invitation to a journey to awaken our desensitized curiosity and senses. Immerse in Kyoto’s simple yet meaningful way of living, where everyday life itself becomes a meditative practice.

Maana Kiyomizu

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood at the center of Kyoto, Maana Kiyomizu is a gem surrounded by numerous ancient heritage sites, tranquil gardens and cozy cafes. Connecting the past and the present, the old and the new, the project highlights the layers that make up the soul of this city.

Maana homes are seamless, light-filled and open, allowing a sense of peacefulness to flow in from the surrounding tranquil nature. The suites are a modern homage and daring reimagination to the traditional machiya archetype. Working closely with architects Shigenori Uoya & Takeshi Ikei to sneak in light and air in an otherwise dark and narrow houses.
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