A new hotel chic one size fits all room divider in oak

In a previous post I wrote about the ‘one size fits all’ room divider in oak by Dutch company ‘Houten room divider’, pictured above in a beautiful setting. Not requiring a lot of knowledge of construction work,  each Room divider is easily made to measure and placed between floor and ceiling in your living, kitchen or to add some privacy in an open bed-bathroom concept. Have a look at that first post here: One size fits all room divider in oak

When visiting the site of the company a few days ago, I discovered next to the original all vertical slats model a brand new Room divider in oak I would love to introduce to you today.

A hotel chic room divider in oak

The Hotel chic version of the room divider is divided into five sections with staggered vertical slats. The custom-made room divider is available in clear lacquered oak and 2 dark RAL colors. Perfect if you like a different or more open room divider.

Because no one likes to drill into ceilings or floors, for example when you have underfloor heating. You often do not know exactly where the pipes are located and it is certainly not recommended to “just” drill into the floor. And in case you would like to move the room divider you don’t like any holes in floor or ceiling.


For this reason, Houten Room Divider has chosen to work with adjustable feet. There are 2 adjustable feet at the bottom and at the top with which you can, clamp the room divider between the floor and the ceiling.

You can manually unscrew or screw in these adjustable feet to the desired height and then tighten them with a wrench. The room divider is then clamped super firmly between ceiling and floor, the distance is kept as small as possible.

A Giveaway!

On their Instagram Houten Room Divider is running a giveaway for two more days to win the new Hotel Chic room divider !



More inspiration on how to use the one size fits all Room Dividers

Here is some more inspiration on how to use the room dividers in your home or office space.


Images courtesy Houten room divider

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