Connecting communities at imm 2024

This week I attended a presentation by imm cologne and I am curious to follow and join the exciting journey towards a reconceptualized trade fair at imm cologne 2024.

From 14.01- to Thursday 18.01.2024 we can immerse ourselves in the captivating world of imm cologne again. The fair’s new opening days, from Sunday to Thursday, are aimed at accommodating the schedules of industry professionals. This shift caters to a more business-oriented approach, with a focus on business, inspiration, networking and B2B interactions.

The unparalleled event serves as the global interior design community’s ultimate hub and primary gateway to Europe’s furnishing market. imm cologne 2024 boasts a comprehensive showcase of products and services, spanning the entire industry spectrum. From cutting-edge creations by emerging start-ups to the exquisite designs from renowned market leaders, the fair caters to all facets of interior design.


A Fresh Perspective on Interior Design at imm 2024

As we eagerly anticipate imm 2024, I would like to mention some of the key highlights and changes that are set to make this event a must-visit for interior design enthusiasts, shop owners, interior designers, stylists and all other working in the field of interior.

While imm 2024 might be smaller than previous (pre-corona) editions, it promises to compensate with a higher number of exhibitors compared to the latest spring edition. A reconceptualized trade fair that will create a more intimate and engaging environment for visitors. And in my eyes also a new more sustainable kind of trade-fair.


Circles Take Center Stage

The fair will be organized across 8 different halls, each offering a unique theme and style. This new arrangement aims to enhance the visitor experience by providing a more organized and focused exploration of the interior design world.

The Circles  are a new unique concept across all exhibition halls and tie the entire event together giving the trade fair halls a distinct look. They will combine inspiration, networking and enjoyment in new dimensions. In the Circle cafés with integrated studios you will find the opportunity to listen to curated speakers, taste culinary highlights, find entertainment and the best networking opportunities.

This inclusive approach mirrors the central theme of the trade fair, which is all about ‘Connecting Communities.’ It encourages a sense of unity within the industry that goes well beyond your usual trade fair encounter.”


The Installation Circles and the Pure Talents Contest

Installation Circles invites renowned designers to create and stage installations – a showcase of creative ideas and inspiring presentations ! The star designers appearing here are also members of the jury for the 20th Pure Talents Contest. Pure Talents Contest is the design competition for emerging talents, and will show creative ideas and innovative concepts from young designers and a Top-class jury made up of former participants!


The Brand Circles and the Community Circles

A notable change in imm 2024 is the way brands can present themselves in a new format, a joint presence through shared areas where exhibitors will have the opportunity to collaborate and exhibit together, fostering creativity and facilitating exciting cross-brand interactions. This next to the regulair exhibition stands.

I personally have always loved the apartment style stand where different brands work together on an inspiring presentation. It will also encourages exhibitors to showcase only their latest collections. This means less vast stands filled with old collections we have seen for years. This approach aligns with the global movement towards more sustainable practices in the design industry. I can only encourage the movement even if it means imm will look smaller in our eyes than before the pandemic.

Exclusive Access for Industry Professionals and their clients

imm 2024 is set to be the fair for professionals. The fair is strictly for business, with no consumers in attendance.  Interior professionals, interior designers, shop owners, and stylists are encouraged to bring their clients along. This provides a unique opportunity to find inspiration and make informed design choices together.

As imm 2024 approaches, it’s evident that the fair is evolving to meet the changing demands and values of the interior design industry. With its focus on sustainability, collaboration, and business-oriented networking, imm 2024 promises to be an exciting and enriching experience for anyone involved in the world of interior design.

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