5 Tips For a Lasting Kid’s Bedroom Design

Young girl’s styles change quickly, and it can be a challenge to create a design that they’ll love for years to come. So, when designing a young girl’s bedroom, here’s some tips to consider for a lasting bedroom design:

1. Keep the Walls Neutral:

Our Senior Designer, Ashton Joseph, has her share of designing young girls, tweens, and teenager’s bedrooms over her 12+ years at By Design Interiors. She has found that girls are now leaning towards neutrals walls of creams, beiges, and soft pale pinks; rather then the expected vibrant and youthful colors.

2. Get them involved.

When you get a child involved and interested in the design process, the results are truly their own. This can be as simple as presenting 3 options to pick from; giving them a say in their bedding, artwork, fun lamps, or chairs. It fun to get their opinion on on these smaller items while keeping the walls a neutral color.

3. Go with a Queen.

Kids grow fast! Invest in a durable, well-designed bed. Select a full or queen-sized bed from the start. This removes the pressure to upgrade their bedframe as they grow taller and taller!

4. Create a lounge or study area.

We love designing little nooks for lounging, reading, and doing homework too. This gives them more room to relax, enjoy, and be productive in their own personal space.

5. Get bold with accent pieces.

This is where you let their imagination and style shine! Let them pick the less permanent pieces such as the pillows, blankets, and accessories. All these items can be replaced as their styles shift and change…with the least investment on your part!

Overall, it is about meshing their taste with the rest of the home’s design and budget to create a space they love, you love, and will last for years to come!

We hope these kid’s bedroom tips help when planning an upcoming kid’s room design. If you liked these design tips, let us know in the comments!

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