Openhouse issue No:19 launch event at Henry Timi | Milan Design Week 2023

During Milan Design week Openhouse Magazine launched their 19th issue at Henry Timi’s enchanting gallery. A place where you could wander into the universe of this unique artist and could feel Henry’s passion for creation and dedication to Italy’s art history. He was therefore one of the main sources of inspiration for the creators of Openhouse in defining the theme that was central to this 19th edition: Lingering Collections

Openhouse is not a magazine to find out about the latest trends, but rather to enjoy art, design architecture and culture. A guide of creative people who share their philosophy of life with us, based on the conservation of values like tradition, nature, art and identity.

Opening event at Henry Timi

We couldn’t get enough of the atmosphere, the people and the zen feeling that the gallery of Henry Timi gave us after a busy day in the city, we hung out on the couch for hours, walked around, opened the different kitchen drawers to be surprised with the most beautiful utensils and enjoyed the various conversations with the other visitors.

We talked about the kitchens found in Pompeii and how beautifully Henry Timi translated the homage to Italian heritage into the most beautiful kitchens in stone and wood. And just like at my other favorite exhibitions and events, the music was totally on point and the space was filled with the best fragrance ever, Henri Timi’s new fragrance line that is in development.

I made a few images to give you my own impression of the event, unfortunately it was hard to capture, but I never work too much on my pictures, so one time they are better than other times. Find more at my two Milan 2023 highlights at my Instagram and please follow if you don’t already. and follow the links at the end of the post to see more of the event.

Picture by Gabriele Bortoluzzi for Openhouse

Henri Timi

The work of Henry Timi is as Openhouse describes so well in their article about Henri Timi is ‘A silent homage to the Italian history of art’.  Italy is an endless source of admiration for the designer, artist and curator who grew up in Marche, a region in the center of the country that, in his own words “manages to sculpt the souls and be fascinated by it”.  Read the whole article at Openhouse: A Silent homage to the Italian history of art and be sure to visit one of the Galleries when in Italy or Australia.

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