The Last Supper by Scarlett Rouge | Milan Design Week 2023

In my previous post I talked about the exhibition of Galerie Philia where designers explored the concept of desacralisation, which was presented at the deconsecrated church San Vittore e 40 Martiri in an exhibition called ‘Desacralized’. I noticed a lot of spirituality and references to different religions during Milan Design week.

Several religious and spiritual objects were used in the styling at both showrooms and exhibitions I visited. At some places objects from different religions were placed together. There was the smell of incense, theatrical music and tarot cards with symbols as a message in other places.

Is it the the year 2023? About which it is said that we as a world are challenged and invited more than ever to live from more wisdom, a higher truth and more authenticity. The longing back to basic, including religion, in the midst of chaos?  I’m still looking for the answers.

M.A.H.A.S. at Studio RÖ

Where the exploration of the interconnection between religion, universe and climate change really stood out was at the experimental gallery of Studio RÖ. Situated in the heart of Milan at Piazza Castello, where the home of Studio RÖ was transformed into ‘a temple discovered by a distant civilisation’. A unique immersive experience into a serene slow living sanctuary. Not affiliated with any specific religion it opens up a discussion about the place of religion and spirituality in humanity. Exploring the roots and rituals of spirituality and questions its impact on our planet.

Last Supper by Scarlett Rouge

The exhibition showcases art pieces featuring talented artists sharing the same convictions. What really  stood out for me was the amazing painting by Scarlett Rouge : “The Last Supper,” challenging modern perceptions of religious icons by portraying the control we constantly seek over the planet and our destiny.

In Europe, Rouge’s mural work is inspired by religious art and the historical use of frescos to engage with the collective psyche. A student of ‘art as the new religious movement’ Rouge infuses a distinct playfulness across her artistic expressions. Utilising symbolic language, she reconstructs archetypes to fit our present-day ethos, in effort to create a therapeutic framework, which strives to touch the secular inclinations of our modern souls.

Scarlett Rouge is the daughter of Michèle Lamy, muse of Rick Owens. You might have seen her work earlier on here when I showed you the Concordia home of Rick Owens including a video showing the work of Scarlett at the cafe across.  Find out more about the artists and more info at the Studio RÖ website: M.A.H.A.S.

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