Here’s Your First Real Look at the iPhone 15 Pro

In an exclusive report from the folks over at 9to5Mac with renders done by Ian Zelbo, we have what’s sure to be our first, best look at the iPhone 15 Pro – let’s check it out!

These renders were created by a using a CAD file provided by Apple to an unnamed Chinese case company, so we can trust in their current accuracy. Note that some design elements could subtly change, depending on manufacturing and feature changes.

Some major changes to note are the overall rounded body style, especially compared to the squared boxy design of the iPhone 14 Pro. You can even see in some images that the glass on top of the display also slightly curves to match the body – like Apple Watch, and obviously THERE’S A USB-C PORT NOW.

Further changes include the volume buttons now appearing to be capacitive, which confirms previous rumors on the subject.

Here ya go!

All images are sourced from 9to5Mac.

I’ll leave you with a note on THAT MASSIVE CAMERA BUMP. Holy crap, that this is almost 50% of the size of the entire phone.

Tim, I better be able to zoom in and see the spirit of Steve Jobs leaving the planet with how massive that camera module is. Okay, that was a little harsh… it better be a great camera though.

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