The 12-Inch MacBook Could Be Back From the Dead

In a very interesting (read: shady as hell) post from the Korean blogging site, Naver, we’ve learned that a revival of the 12-inch MacBook could actually be in the works by Apple. Yeah, let’s see about that.

Shared by the slightly-kinda-accurate Naver account, “yeux1122”, the post claims that Apple is preparing to re-introduce a 12-inch MacBook to market and are currently preparing parts and manufacturing through a Taiwanese company – the source of this information.

The post continues that Apple will decide if this is a product they wish to push into mass production and then proceed to market. This entire post, and really the “yeux1122” account itself, should be taken with an entire container of salt.

Naver post by “yeux1122” – translated from Korean to English

The death and subsequent rumor mill surrounding the 12-inch MacBook is odd to say the least. The MacBook was discontinued in 2019 after an arduous life, full of keyboard related lawsuits and generally poor critical reception.

Last year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and DSCC CEO/analyst Ross Young expressed serious doubt of a potential revival of a 12-inch MacBook – Ross Young specifically doubting any further MacBook releases with displays sized under 13-inches.

Both of these responses were in critique of a report in the week prior by Bloomberg boy, Mark Gurman, where he stated that a new 12-inch MacBook was being worked on:

Apple has also begun work on a new 12-inch laptop and is considering launching it at the end of 2023 or in early 2024.

Mark Gurman

This Naver post could be referring to this same work from last year if we take Gurman’s report as accurate. Apple has been known to start working on a lot of products that never end up seeing the light of day.

So, really, who knows. Personally I think we’re doing just fine with the current lineup – MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Let’s just keep it simple, Tim. We really don’t need to see another 12-inch MacBook.

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