New Mac Pro Will Have Same 2019 Design, per report

From Mark Gurman’s Sunday newsletter, Power On, we have word that Apple’s latest update to the Mac Pro line will share the same controversial design as its little 2019 brother.

Dubbed the cheese grater, this design has been either loved or hated – depending on who you talked to. Regardless of customer feedback, someone at Apple clearly enjoys the design because it’s back baby!

Mark seems slightly disappointed as well, judging by his thoughts in Power On:

In another disappointment, the new Mac Pro will look identical to the 2019 model. It will also lack one key feature from the Intel version: user-upgradeable RAM. That’s because the memory is tied directly to the M2 Ultra’s motherboard. Still, there are two SSD storage slots and for graphics, media and networking cards.

Mark Gurman

Alongside his disappointment, Gurman notes that the RAM will also not be upgradeable due to the nature of Apple silicon architecture via the upcoming M2 Ultra. Oh well. I highly doubt anyone buying a new Mac Pro would realistically need a RAM upgrade anyway.

The new Mac Pro is looking like it’ll be a monster, even with Apple canceling their plans for the highest-end model.

The New Mac Pro’s Specs Are Going to Be Insane

Apple originally planned for a configuration of the Mac Pro featuring 48 CPU cores and 152 GPU cores, but scrapped the idea once they realized engineering costs would skyrocket and then purchasing price for consumers could reach $10,000 USD or over. Ain’t no one gonna buy that thing.

Even still, it’s hard to tell if the 2019 Mac Pro design will stand the test of time or not – buckle up, and we’ll all find out together when this mofo comes out!

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