Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2023

If you’re looking to design or remodel a modern kitchen in Denver, then you need to know what’s hot (and what’s not) in the world of kitchen design. Like any other type of trend, they come and go—often quickly—so it can be a challenge to stay on top of what’s going to be “in” with each new year and season. But at the end of the day, regardless of trends, it’s most important to craft a kitchen space that feels inviting and comfortable and suits your needs.

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Whether you’re an active chef or simply want to use your kitchen as more of a social space, there are countless ways to design the kitchen of your dreams, But hey, it never hurts to know what’s hot in the world of kitchen design right now if you’re looking for inspiration.

Here, we’re taking a closer look into some of the hottest kitchen trends for 2023 and beyond. With a little inspiration, some planning, and of course some hard work, you’ll be amazed at how you can transform your kitchen for the new year.

Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2023

You don’t need to hire Boulder architects to create a stylish and functional kitchen space (of course, working with an experienced architect doesn’t hurt). There are many ways to transform your kitchen from a dreary space to something that should be the centerpiece of your home. But like any other type of home décor or fashion, trends tend to come and go.

So if you’re looking for the hottest kitchen trends for this upcoming year—don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about what the hottest kitchens will look like in 2023. Incorporate a few or all of these elements to transform your space.

Kitchen with bar table and chairs
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1. Painted islands: we’re not talking about the Galapagos here. The kitchen island has long been a focal point for modern kitchen designs. But in 2023, we’re moving well beyond the traditional white or muted kitchen island and adding some color and style. More homeowners are painting their kitchen islands to reflect the feel of the rest of their kitchen décor. Pairing this base paint with a granite or other hard surface for the island can add a really unique look to your kitchen.

2. Low kitchen drawers: you don’t necessarily need cabinets everywhere anymore. More kitchens are featuring low kitchen drawers in place of bottom cabinets for many reasons. Beyond the unique aesthetic, they’re also easy to function with and can store quite a bit of kitchen appliances and items. No need to search around the back ends of those bottom cabinets anymore when a pull-out drawer reveals all your needs at once.

3. Marble backsplashes: with some of the most complete modern kitchen designs, it’s really all about the details and finer points. So, when re-designing your kitchen space, don’t forget about your sink backsplash. Move on from the traditional tiles that are now looking dated in many kitchens and make the shift to a marble slab for your backsplash. Pairing this with marble countertops is a great way to add cohesion, too. With just a small touch, you can set the entire tone for your space.

4. Butler’s pantry: if you need even more storage space, going with a butler’s pantry can be a great option. Including a butler’s pantry affords you far more space for storing food or anything else really without taking up excess space in the overall design of your kitchen. A butler’s pantry is designed to be hidden away so that it doesn’t take away from the aesthetic of your space. Practical and functional, many homeowners love this addition to their spaces.

Used with permission of Patterson Custom Homes, Brandon Architects and photographer Darlene Halaby

5. Exclusive bar area: who doesn’t love mixing up a creative new cocktail from time to time? More modern kitchen designs are featuring areas dedicated exclusively as bar space. Whether this is a designated countertop or even a rolling bar tray, there are many ways to turn your kitchen into a place for all your favorite drinks. Add some stools around your island and you’ve got everything you need to enjoy a drink with friends. Who said you have to go out to a crowded bar for fun?

6. Sustainable materials: now more than ever, sustainability matters for protecting our planet. And this is also true when it comes to choosing the materials for your new kitchen design for 2023. Early on in your design stage, try to choose sustainable materials that will minimize your impact on the environment—and also lead to quite the stylish kitchen design, too. Consider going for materials like stone, steel, or wood for your kitchen features, which can also add a nice natural look to your space. Going green doesn’t mean cutting back on your aesthetic at all. In fact, many designers now focus on implementing more sustainable practices into every kitchen they work on.

7. Statement lighting: don’t be afraid to get a little bold when it comes to lighting in your new kitchen space. More people are opting for bold, statement lights instead of traditional recessed lights. Of course, natural lighting could change your options, but many people are looking to show off their trendy spaces with the lighting to back it up.

Conclusion – Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2023

Kitchen and dining room designed in bright and dark colors
Used with permission of Jane Beiles Photography

No matter the size of your living space, the kitchen is an essential component. While it’s functional and versatile, a kitchen is so much more than simply the place where you prepare meals. The kitchen can be the center of your home where people gather, spend time, make memories, and of course, share delicious meals.

When looking into ways to change your kitchen for the new year, there are many hot trends to take note of first. Consider using sustainable materials throughout your space, add in a butler’s cabinet for more storage area, create an exclusive bar area for drinks, and don’t forget about the finer details like your backsplash.

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