A personal note and good intentions for 2023

Welcome to the blog again! Welcome to 2023 and a happy and healthy new year too you ! Despite all what is going on around us, I feel optimistic, something I am most of the time and must be the sagittarius in me! I loved the slow days between Christmas and the New year but I am ready for a new and beautiful year!

2023 will be the year I will finally quit my part time day job and workwise will focus more on the blog, travelling and my webshop. No obligations of showing up at work is something I am looking forward too. I have to admit though, that without going abroad and no need to go to work during my last six weeks of Summer break, I suddenly realized that that would become my new life! It was quite confrontational and made me realize I would miss the people you take for granted, worked with for years and the regularity of going to work itself.

I am quite happy at my job and working four mornings a week with young families and their children is something I really enjoy… coming home from these busy mornings at work I also enjoy the silence of my home. And I feel blessed I can be alone very well without getting bored. Six weeks (almost) alone at home felt a bit too long though.

Making plans for the future

I am very well organised work wise but in my personal life I really am a go with the flow person. Therefore I sometimes forget to plan things in time. Which means that some things I like to do and enjoy are often less easy to realize… you probably know the phenomenon: too late and now too expensive. Or even worse, already over.

As time goes fast while we are all living our own lives as we always tell ourselves. I sometimes realize I only texted with close friends and even family members over the last month without meeting them in person.

Setting the table

For the first time in my life I made some good intentions! I promised myself to make more of an effort to see and give a call more often (calling is something I don’t really like to do) I made some plans during the Christmas break to work on it! And came up with one of the things I love most, setting the table for a nice meal together. Therefore I plan to cook a nice meal for family & friends every other month, no obligations but I hope that in that way we’ll see each other on a more regular base. The first date is set already and I will let you know how it went and maybe even make a nice table setting and show you some images of it!

Travel plans

Eager to use my saved miles… I also planned ahead and booked a few trips to some amazing cities and interior fairs. Visiting and working on the design fairs is something I really enjoy! I love to travel together with friends combining design, coffee and food, and just hanging out together. And I really enjoy meeting new people and those I normally only speak online.It’s always nice to be able to look forward to things and with those two things ticked off, I feel really organized and ready to conquer 2023 and a ‘new life’

Thank you & new in store

After the first year running my webshop. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support! I am really grateful for all your purchases. Sourcing the best ceramics and accessories for your homes is something I really enjoy and I hope to keep surprising you in 2023!

One of my readers asked me about the rugs I sold in my webshop some time ago and if I would order some. Therefore I added a few rugs and runners to the shop to keep our feet warm.

The 80×300 cm runners in black, brown and nature colour are perfect to use in your kitchen, hallway or any other spot at your home. You will also have the option to order the rugs I have in my home myself. You might have seen the brown rug in my living and the nature coloured in my kitchen, both pictured above. Find them in the HOME DECOR section and when you are there have a look at the new series of vases too.

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