FRAMA Transforms Italian Villa

FRAMA transforms Villa Medicea di Marignolle, the former Italian estate home of Galileo
Galilei in the suburbs of Florence, currently setting the scene for a residence of renowned Spanish-born filmmaker Albert Moya. By respecting the heritage and charm of this historic space, FRAMA and Albert Moya create a truly inviting place for artistic encounters.

FRAMA sets an arena for Albert, a kind of scenography where transitions,tactility, light, palette, scent, and sound are all composed speak in a serene “sotto voce,” to create an effective quality and distinctively liberating atmosphere. When creating spaces, FRAMA stays as close as possible to the warmth, honesty, and timeless beauty of natural materials—a certain steadiness, consistency, care for quality and ease, a precise point of view, and an open spirit.

Albert Moya: “I teamed up with FRAMA to create a studio, a space acting as a school where artists can meet
students. A place where everyone can learn something new, absorb knowledge, and exchange ideas,”
says Albert Moya. “There is a natural interaction between the interior architecture, FRAMA’s universe, and each selected piece. It is a harmonious, unified and balanced approach.”

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