Rick Owens minimalist home in Concordia

Whenever in Milan there are a few stores on my ‘must visit’ list. Rick Owens store Milan is one I never miss! For me Rick Owens is pure inspiration and one of the brands I really love. Especially their interior objects and furniture I find really beautiful. I am a happy owner of some books and recently got myself the beauty set Rick Owens made together with another favourite brand of mine Aesop. See it here together with the other blogs I wrote about Rick Owens.


Concordia home of Rick Owens

On the blog today a glimpse from his home in Concordia, build in front of his factory with the adjacent Owenscorp bar with a beautiful wall decoration made by his daughter Scarlet. Vogue recently published a home tour where Rick shows his minimalist home across the street of his factory filled with all the things that are really special to him including his apartment’s pièce de résistance, an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus. Let me know on Instagram what you think of the apartment.


Images cortesy of Rick Owens, Video via Vogue with credits here

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