A Jean Prouvé inspired shutter at the home of Danielle Bernstein

I am quite often watching videos of homes at You-Tube lately and recently discovered a video shot at the home of Danielle Bernstein which I like to talk about. In the early blogging days when I started this blog, Danielle was one of the popular street-style bloggers and started  WeWoreWhat. In the video a few things caught my eye and I love to show them here at the blog. But let’s talk a bit about her home design first.

Home of Danielle Bernstein

Two years ago Danielle moved in together with her boyfriend into a SoHo loft. Wanting something that felt unique for New York City, they asked Lauren Piscione of LP Creative to help them to transform their industrial-looking brick wall loft into a home with a wabi-sabi soft, neutral vibe. If you like to see the transformed home, you can watch the video at the end of this post, you might find some ideas for your own home , like I did myself.

A Jean Prouvé inspired shutter

Looking for something to hide my 55 inch television myself, I loved the idea Danielle showed in the video on how she hides her television. But even more I loved how Lauren Piscione transformed a window with an uninspiring view into a dramatic lighting moment, as shown above.

Created by Georgio Savva Interior Designs, using the Shou Sugi Ban technique they created and installed a  Jean Prouvé-inspired shutter based on designs by Brendan Tadler.

Watch the home tour of Danielle Bernstein

More on Shutters

Loving shutters and installed window coverings I loved to see these doors used at the end of the corridor at Danielle’s home. In case you are inspired, I wrote a few blogs about window shutters: Could brass shutters be the next big thing  And Webbing shutters in a West Village Townhouse

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