Echo collection by Kelly Wearstler

If you are looking for something really special for your home and want and can you put down a decent amount for it I would love you to have a look at the Echo Collection by Kelly Wearstler.

I first noticed a piece from her collection in the Hampton home of Athena Calderone, who added a wooden plank on top of the Echo Bench. Adding wood on an existing piece of furniture can create a total different look. If you like to go back in memory lane with me, have a look what I did to the low white Besta cabinets. I had them in my living over 10 years ago and showed my IKEA hack on the Ikea Live website, where I was one of their bloggers that time: Today you will find me at IKEA Live |my IKEA Blog

Echo Collection

Featuring undulating forms carved from a single monolithic mass of wood, the Echo collection blurs the line between modern art and functional d├ęcor. This sculptural furniture consisting of benches, tables, stools and large objects is created by a local LA artisan from solid Douglas Fir and features a heavily hand-sculpted texture and different finishes. Have a look at the different pieces.

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