BenQ GV30 Portable Wireless Projector Review: Big Screen Everywhere

The BenQ GV30 wireless portable projector is a futuristic designed compact projector with the added bonus of an Android TV dongle inside. The Portable Wireless projector from BenQ comes with boosted audio capabilities with extra bass. The GV30 is one of the first mini portable projectors with multi-channel audio support with 2.1 stereo sound.

The GV30 is a truly portable device with its wireless projection capabilities with multiple OS and devices such as Android phone, Chrome browser or iOS devices.

BenQ GV30 – Design

The BenQ portable wireless projector has a dimension of 4.7 inches (W) x 7.7 inches (H) x 7.3 inches (D) in a white plastic shell with grills on both sides including for the sound output, with a removable cap to connect the BenQ QS01 Android TV Dongle into the projector. The BenQ projector stays different from the traditional rectangular box design, the BenQ portable projector design is fresh, futuristic and has a compact form factor.

With 1.6kg of weight, the BenQ GV30 has a balanced weight that is not too heavy for a portable projector. To help find the right viewing angles, BenQ has included a magnetic cradle for the projector which can be used on any flat surface with up to a 135-degree viewing angle. The carry handle on the device helps you to carry around with ease.

Even though it has a plastic build, the BenQ GV30 is said to be drop-proof up to 0.7m, which may give you some peace of mind if you have kids at home.

On the top of the BenQ projector, you can find four physical buttons to control the projector, a power button, volume buttons and a Bluetooth pairing button.

On the right of the projector may be found a few ports. There’s an HDMI port, a USB-C port, and a headphone jack, alongside the power input. It isn’t a huge choice of ports, however thinking about the truth that it’s built to be wireless, that shouldn’t be a big issue.

BenQ GV30 Unboxing

BenQ GV30 – Features and Performance

The BenQ GV30 wireless projector is a 720p HD Smart LED Projector with 300 Lumens with a 16:9 aspect ratio, which can produce 16.7 million colours. The light source life is expected to be 20,000 hours in normal usage and Economy mode would give about 30000 hours.

The provided Google Android TV dongle is prime to the operation of the GV30. It lets in customers to stream most of the applications like YouTube, Amazon Prime or Plex, which is downloadable from the Google Play Store, in addition to Chromecast content material immediately from a smartphone or Tablet. Even though it is running the Android 10 supported HDMI stick, the application available for the device is quite limited. is attached to an internal HDMI socket and USB power source on one of the removable grille sides.

The built-in battery lets you enjoy the content for up to 2.5 hours considering the portability and average movie duration is less than the battery backup, we find the battery performance satisfactory. During the review period, we streamed YouTube for more than 2 hours and the device refused to die without battery.

The GV30 has a 1.2 throw ratio with a fixed zoom ratio. The setup of the device is quite simple if focuses automatically when it starts projecting the content, including auto vertical keystone correction as well.

The BenQ GV30 does a great job in colour reproduction, the brightness is not the best with the 300 ANSI lumens. Even though it has a 1280×720 resolution, the details it projects are crisp and clear. But when you try to scale up the screen more than 70-inch, it starts to suffer. Though the videos will look okay, the text on the UI starts to struggle to focus. BenQ wireless projector is most suitable for dark conditions, in the daytime, the pictures look washed out at any screen size.

The GV30’s performance is complemented by the Audio performance packed inside the device. The 8W woofer and two 4W speakers tuned by treVolo work like a charm and it is well suited for a medium living room. The GV30 has five unique sound modes labelled Standard, Cinema, Music, Game, and Sports.

Even with all these, the device is quite easy to set up the device with very minimal effort. The smart remote control which was provided inside the box also did perform very well. The remote did support the Google assistant and it did provide accurate search results on the voice search in Youtube and Amazon Prime.


The BenQ GV30 is a 720p HD Smart LED wireless projector with Android TV capabilities. The device is designed unique and easy to set up. With the 1.6kg weight, the device is moderately light and it is easy to carry around.

With the Android 10 Operating system, there are few thousand of applications available to download, including Disney+, YouTube, Amazon Prime etc. The Android TV UI is intuitive and easy to navigate to different options.

While it doesn’t have the brightness to be fully enjoyed in day-time use, and its resolution is only 1280 x 720, the combination here of built-in speakers, Android apps, external inputs and AirPlay and Chromecast wireless streaming makes content playback easy in any number of ways, while that magnificent rolling versatility of positioning, together with autofocus and keystone correction, make it a unique design in making big-screen entertainment truly easy. The built-in 2.1 channel sound system by treVolo features two 4-watt midrange tweeters and an 8-watt woofer. The extra bass from the woofer is noticeable and brings in another layer to music and cinematic sound effects.

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