How to make your photos on WhatsApp stickers, know what is the way
The trend of sending stickers on WhatsApp has increased rapidly and now you can also make stickers of your photo and send it to your friends.  Let’s know the easy way to make photo stickers.


The instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps bringing new features to its users.  To make this app great, the stickers feature was added to WhatsApp.  Not everyone uses this feature.  Users can also send their photo stickers to their friends on WhatsApp.  For this, you have to follow some steps.  To make your photo stickers, users have to resort to third party app.  Say good morning to the phone, it will tell you the weather conditions, know what is this trick if you are troubled by the problem of phone storage, then increase the space through these tips These flagship smartphones are going to be launched in India soon,  know possible features

 1. You can download Sticker Maker for WhatsApp from Google Play Store.  After downloading it, open the Personal Sticker Pack.  Now you will get the option to create a sticker from the photo. 

 2. Now select your photo in the app.  If you want, you can also remove the background of the photo.  3. After this, add all the photos you want to make stickers in the pack.  
4. Now you will get the option of add, click on it.  Now these stickers will appear in WhatsApp.
  5. Lastly, by opening WhatsApp, you can send these stickers to your friends and family members.

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